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In the late 19th century, one of the first breweries was established in what is now the location of the Bononia Estate, but during the period of the transition, it sank into oblivion. In 2013, in the times of the modern Bulgarian state, the company began its revival, this time as a winery using modern technologies integrated by a family of people who are passionate about their country and determined to start and grow their business here. People who are in love with aviation and firmly believe that one must set their spirit free in order to make one’s dreams come true.

Company goals

Led by their belief that a sustainable business can only be built with highly motivated employees, the Yotovs provided training and created new jobs for the local population, including by supporting the development of a new Viticulture Program at the local Specialised High School of Agriculture in the village of Dunavtsi and by using their international ties and experience gained over the past 25 years during their foreign commercial activities in order to promote the Municipality of Vidin.

To achieve its goals, Bononia Estate has recruited some highly qualified professionals who are creating a systematic and sustainable symbiosis between the historical legacy and the innovative solutions in this business.