Bononia Estate Gomotartzi Gamza



Colour: The wine and its crushing color offer a nice experience to the senses and demonstrate the different nuances of the Gamza from the region.

Aromas: The wine demonstrates an excellent aroma and taste intensity. Game, smoked meat, black cherry jam, overripe sour cherry, raspberry, wild strawberry and overripe plum aromas dominate the nose and are balanced by fresh citrus notes of lemongrass and orange peels and complemented by vanilla and gentle sense of black and white pepper.

Taste: The taste is characterized by nice freshness that by its caressing the senses acidity and tangerine juice notes very good add up to the jam notes in the aroma. The notes of baked red bell pepper and fresh tomato round up the experience created by the wine.

Bononia Estate Gamza 2018 is an illustration of the typical Northwest Bulgarian Gamza and is very well developed.

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