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November 2023

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Monogram Chardonnay and Monogram Mavrud & Rubin

2 x 0,750 cl.

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Raspberry wine and Merlot & Raspberry wine

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Bulgaria is a timeless country located at the crossroad between Europe and Asia, nestled between Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia. A magical place where century-old traditions are a core element of life, where ancient history and cultural heritage are the pride of the nation, the mountainous landscapes are beautiful and rugged, and where food and wine are wholesome, flavourful and distinctive. Vine growing and winemaking have been part of Bulgarian culture since time immemorial. And who wouldn’t grow wine in Bulgaria – its sunlit hills, fertile soils and geographic latitude (equivalent to central Italy or southern France to the west) provide the perfect vine growing conditions practically all over the country.



The winery location is specifically chosen, because Plovdiv region is among the few with a significant wine history.

The climate conditions of the region provide a good opportunity for getting rich and deep wines.

The wines are characterized by warm southern tones in the aroma, with fullness of flavor and richness of the overall impression.

The main grapes grown are for red wine and include the Bulgarian varieties Melnik 55 , Shiroka Melnishka Loza and Rubin as well the local white variety Misket of Sandanski.

We are the first certified fruit wine producer in Bulgaria and the first brand to mix fruit wine with grape wine. Our products are made of 100% organic fruit with nothing additional.

The secrets of the success of Terra Tangra winery is a combination of terroir and expertise of team of enologists led by world-famous Xavier Meade.

The Yotov family’s dream was not only to build one of the best wineries in Eastern Europe but also to support the restoration and advancement of the position of Bulgarian wines on the international markets.

The winery have 130 acres own varieties of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Malbec, Carmener and etc.

The team uses modern technologies in growing vines. In the production of wine, minimal technological interventions are applied in order to preserve the varietal character and express the region and the terroir.

Midalidare is not just a wine mansion. Midalidare is a dream made a reality with a lot of work and patience, respect and true passion. One view is that when people work in harmony with nature, the results are extraordinary!

Libera Estate is a small boutique wine project named after the goddess Libera – the goddess of fertility and freedom. The beginning of Libera Estate dates back to 2013, when short series of experimental wines from different grape varieties were produced.


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