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Founded in 2016, BGWT Sprl specializes in import and distribution of quality Bulgarian wine in Benelux. In just a few years, BGWT succeeded to build up a reliable network of wine shops. We have made Bulgarian wines better known and available on the Belgian market.

BGWT Sprl is an official representative of the following exclusive wineries - Villa Yustina, Manastira, Trastena, Balar, Terra Tangra, Orbelus. Each bottle of wine bearing the winery’s distinctive style, is a mark of quality and uniqueness. Our choice selection of wineries and grape varieties can satisfy the curiosity of each wine seeker. We offer something new and different to our clients and we often get the feedback that our wine is a “belle découverte”.

Why Bulgarian wines?

Ancient traditions

Local varieties

Distinctive taste

Bulgarian traditions

Bulgaria is a timeless country located at the crossroad between Europe and Asia, nestled between Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Romania and Serbia. A magical place where century-old traditions are a core element of life, where ancient history and cultural heritage are the pride of the nation, the mountainous landscapes are beautiful and rugged, and where food and wine are wholesome, flavourful and distinctive.

Bulgaria has thousands of years-old winemaking traditions that continue to deliver high-quality and affordable Bulgarian wine. The country is one of the oldest wine producing areas in the world with evidence of wine production dating back to 4000 bc. The Bulgarian lands were then inhabited by the Thracians – numerous tribes who worshipped wine as a divine drink. Thousands of years ago ancient Thracians consumed wine from elaborate gold vessels in the shape of animals and mythical creatures. And who wouldn’t grow wine in Bulgaria – its sunlit hills, fertile soils and geographic latitude (equivalent to central Italy or southern France to the west) provide the perfect vine-growing conditions practically all over the country.

Bulgaria will enchant your senses with the rich aroma of its local grape varietals, many of which unique to the region. The country comprises five separate winemaking regions, each offering specific local wines. The spicy Mavrud of the central south is the pride of Thracian Lowlands region with its well-balanced taste and dark red color. In the furthest southwestern region, we find the most typical Bulgarian vine – Melnik. Planted in the wine region Struma valley – the warmest corner of Bulgaria, the Broad-Leaved Melnik Vine (Shiroka melnishka loza) bears all the signs of an age-worthy southern red grape variety. Varietals are often named just Melnik, referring to the picturesque smallest town in Bulgaria famous for its winemaking tradition.

Wine, food, vineyards, mountains, cultural heritage sites, monasteries and churches characterize each and every wine region of Bulgaria. Whichever local grape variety you choose to taste, you’ll end up with a memorable experience of the best that Bulgaria has to offer.