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Marash Wine Cellar was established in 2009 in order to produce high quality wines and brandies. In 2008 the project started with the planting of 450 decares of vineyards on the land of the village of Nedyalsko, Yambol District. .

The first wine campaign of Marash wine cellar was in 2010. The brands developed by Marash Wine Cellar are: MARASH, LENEA, MEANDRA, M’Series and ERKESIA brandy.

The winery has 6000 hectoliters of stainless steel container capacity in containers from 10ha to 500ha. Small limited batches that are aged in French and American oak barrels are vinified.

In 2018 in partnership VI Marash grows a vineyard in the Eastern Black Sea region on the land of the village of Belogradec, Vetrino Municipality, Varna District with an area of 382 decares

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