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People like to be surprised. They constantly seek something new, challenging and interesting. When we first walked into the wine business, everyone raised their eyebrows and everyone was surprised.
Ten years later- we are the leading and one of the fastest growing brands in a country and market that are probably the hardest to penetrate.
And it is all because we bet on what triggers people’s interest- the unusual, new and rare taste that can only send them into time travel- back to their grandma’s garden full of tasty fruits. We can tell you about the legend of our products, but we prefer to tell you what we’ve learned by working with an unusual, unconventional and rare product like ours.


Our products are in limited quantities and exported only to France, Germany and Belgium, sought by boutique and Michelin stars locations. We are currently developing our Belgian partner network and would like to show you the unlimited opportunities these products offer. We will only be supplying few partners that see the potential behind the product as well as accept exclusivity and private label collaborations, depending on the quantities.


We are a happy and hard working family that grows 9.5 hectares of organic raspberries and for the last 10 years we produce 2 quite unusual products that can not be found anywhere else in Europe.
We are the first certified fruit wine producer in Bulgaria and the first brand to mix fruit wine with grape wine. Our products are made of 100% organic fruit with nothing additional.
The raspberry wine recipe we keep and pass on from generation to generation. Through all these years we believe nature is the most important part of our business. We handpick each raspberry, working with happy families from the region. Our production is 100% fair trade and has Organic Certification from LACON Europe. We use seaweed as fertilizer, we spray probiotics on the leaves and we bring beehives to make our plantation explode with blossom.