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Manastira winery is specialised in producing high quality wines. It is located in Thracian Valley – a region known for its rich culture and historical heritage. Proof of this are the remains of Christian centre , which gave the name of the area – “The Monastery”.

Wine production in the area dates back to different historical periods when Thracians Romans, Byzantines and Slavs lived there. Following the tradition our aim is to produce high quality wine, which people from past ages have valued.

Wine cellar “Manastira” is an amalgam of good wine, art and history. It is inspiration for every person, who has sensed the aroma of the vine grapes and who has tasted its wine elixirs. Our love for Bulgarian history, rich nature and good wine help us to turn this place into paradise.

Wine Making

We believe that the good wine comes from the vineyards, so the care taken in the vineyards is paramount enabling us to produce high quality wines.

A group of professionals is responsible for the very strict quality control
Ecological wine growing practices
✔ Maintaining own style, through the knowledge of the terroir
✔ Sensorial taste of the grapes and seeds of every variety is done before deciding the picking time
✔ Grape clusters are hand – picked
✔ Fermentation process takes place in stainless steel tanks
✔ Ageing of wines between 6 to 18 months in American and French oak barrels

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