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We are proud of our comparatively small annual output, because our strategic goal is to create a limited amount of distinguished wines with great potential for aging.

The wine cellar and the vineyard massif of BALAR is locat-
ed at the foot of the mystical monasteries in the land of

the village of Sakalitsa, southwest of the town of Yambol.

The region is part of the Thracian lowlands with moder-
ate continental climate and good distribution of rainfall

throughout the vegetation period. Prolonged sunshine
in the summer and mild and warm autumn suggest good
grape ripening and the accumulation of the necessary
conditions to produce quality wines.
The protection of the area from the northern winds, the
soil with good water permeability, the large number of
sunny days, and the reduced yield of 400 kg. of a decade,
are a precondition for the creation of sumptuous, rich,
dense red quality wines that combined aroma and taste
of red berries, spices and chocolate.


Our red wines have a rich, harmonious and rich taste. All of the wines are well balanced with warm character and long elegant finish. The young wine matures in French 225-liter oak barrels, followed by bottle aging in celler with constant temperature and controlled humidity.
Our white wines typically based of variety such as Muscat Ottonel and Gewürztraminer are particularly tasteful and enriched with the specific nuances of the local terroir.
Our rosé is recognizable by its explosive aroma of apple, forest strawberry and citrus.

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