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Libera Rose


Color: Rose
Harvest: 2021
Bottle type: 0.75 l.
Close: Cork
Alcohol %: 12%

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Local varieties: Melnik
Country: Bulgaria
Region: Melnik
Producer: Libera Estate
Variety: Wide mill vine
Maturity: Ready to drink
Sugariness: Dry

100% Shiroka Melnishka Loza

Shiroka Melnik vine is a symbolic variety for the Melnik region and is not grown anywhere else. Handpicked from the massifs in the village of Hotovo.

LIBERA Rosé from Shiroka Melnishka Loza has a medium intense pink color with delicate copper tones. A delicate fruity nose that smoothly transitions into the taste, where you will find raspberries, stone fruits and mysterious caramel. Libera Rosé will linger long in the mouth with a gentle spicy touch.

Try it in the company of medium-ripened cheeses, fish and white meats with different sauces well chilled.