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EDNa wine brandy is an unique bulgarian rakia – blend of different grape varieties. It is especially made by Radostin Klinkov for and according to the criteria of RakiaSHOP. Three different high quality wine distillates were used for it, one that aged for 12 years in oak and two that aged 3 years in oak. The rakia is characterized by aromas of gentle vanilla, black chocolate, hazelnut, nougat, carnation, roses, lavender, fine muscat and caramel. The taste is pleasant and is dominanted by black chocolate, almond, hazelnut, lavender and leaves followed by a pleasant, long, spicy and nutty aftertaste. Inspired by our love of RAKIA and our knowledge of it, we have created an EDNa, subordinated to tradition and quality. Rakia that looks to the future. We have chosen the Old Slavic symbol ā to show that the rakia is as old as our civilization and is worthy of taking its place on the world stage of alcoholic beverages.