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The wines from Gamza are full-bodied and harmonious, but their quality is highly dependent on the climatic conditions, especially in the autumn. When the autumn is dry and warm, the wines from Gamza have a vivid, although not very dense, ruby colour, a pleasant taste of small red fruits, most notably raspberry, distinct freshness and delicate tannins.

Gamza is a red grape variety that has been cultivated in northern Bulgaria since ancient times.

In north-western Bulgaria, the grapes achieve technological maturity earlier – around September – because the accumulation of sugar is more intense. In general, Gamza thrives best at windy hills with rich soils. Gamza requires a warm and dry autumn in order for the wines to be of good quality. Gamza is not particularly resilient to low winter temperatures, although it prefers cooler climates which is the reason why it is mostly cultivated in northern Bulgaria.

Variety: Gamza

Qualitative category: Protected Geographical Indication

Region: Danube Plain

Tasting notes: Juicy, fresh and fruity wine with a strong varietal expression, revealing the nobility and delicacy of this most Bulgarian variety. The balanced volume and structure allow long aging in a bottle.

Aging in French oak: 4 months

Serving temperature: 14 °C

Alcohol: 13%

Sommelier suggestion: Pork and veal, grilled on barbecue; mature hard cheese.