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Merlot & Raspberry wine


A semy-dry red wine, compound of 50% wine from organic raspberries and 50% fine merlot from
the Brestovitsa region. The taste is round, full with sweet finale and long aftertaste.

This is a great friendship between two strong characters. Wine of 100% organic raspberries fall in love with the high quality Merlot and together offer a balanced, semi-dry and quite different wine to take care of your good company. It has a specific varietal aroma of merlot combined with fruity character and endless finale.

Recommended for pasta, hard cheeses, red meat, jazz, independent cinema and Kerouac.

It pairs well with game meat and sweet reductions, foie gras, soft cheese and chocolate desserts.

Bottle volume: 0,750 l.

Alcohol: 11,5 %

Vintage: 2020

Trastena is a happy and hard working family that grows 9.5 hectares of organic raspberries in the Balkan mountain. For the last 10 years they produce two quite unusual products that can not be found anywhere else in Europe.
Trastena is the first certified fruit wine producer in Bulgaria and the first brand to mix fruit wine with grape wine. Their products are made of 100% organic fruit with nothing additional.
The raspberry wine recipe they keep and pass on from generation to generation. Through all these years Trastena believes nature is the most important part of the business. They handpick each raspberry and their production is 100% fair trade and has Organic Certification from LACON Europe. Seaweed is used as fertilizer, probiotics is sprayed on the leaves and they bring beehives to make their plantation explode with blossom.