Orange wine Keratsuda


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Libera Orange Keratsuda

is a memorable wine produced from the typical grape variety Keratsuda. The style of this wine represents an interesting experiment recreating the tradition in a modern way. A real exotic that would impress fans of orange wines looking for a spicy experience.

Colour: Pale amber color

Aromas: Extremely complex profile, distinguished by very pronounced spicyness and minerality. The expressive citrus notes of orange peel, grapefruit, ripe lemon and pomelo, in a combination with mango, wild pear and peach are very well harmonized with colorful notes of lilac and snowdrop. They are all wrapped in a veil of powerful nettle, skin and light quinine.

Taste: The high level of complexity of this wine is complemented by notes of puree of red peppers, which are bright in the taste. It is also characterized by a pronounced piquancy and notes of orange peel and medlar.

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