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Trastena Mix Box

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Trastena Rosé

A semi dry dark rose, created blending 50% wine from organic raspberries with 40% chardonnay and 10% misket. This unusual mix of white grapes and raspberries makes for the perfect combination as well as great companion for sushi, exotic salads and Asian food. It pairs well with spicy cuisine and is best enjoyed chilled.
11% Alcohol

Trastena Raspberry

The nose is unparalleled and a strong kick of real raspberries fills the air. The taste is sweet, round and fruity. Pair with hard cheese, cream desserts or use as a base for fantastic cocktails.
10.5% Alcohol

Trastena Merlot & Raspberry

A semi-dry red wine, compound of 50% wine from organic raspberries and 50% fine merlot from the Thracian Lowland. The taste is round, full with sweet finish and long aftertaste. It pairs well with game meat and sweet reductions, foie gras, soft cheese and chocolate desserts.
11% Alcohol