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Orbelus Melnik


Blend of early Melnik 86%
Grenach Noir 9%
Petit Verdot 5%

Orbelus Melnik is a regional wine which combines the powerful aroma of Early Melnik with the distinctive rich taste of Petit Verdot.
The blend harmony is completed with Syrah and a touch of Grenache Noir to offer a perfectly balanced wine. Non filtered.

Variety: Melnik

Region: Valley of Struma

Colour: Dark purple color

Aromas: Cassis, dark chocolate and saddle leather

Taste: Flavors of cherry, chocolate and dried blueberry. It has good balance with a soft tannin finish

Aging in oak: 8 months, French oak

Serving temperature:

Bottle volume: 0,750 l.

Alcohol: 13 %


Vintage: 2015